Welcome to the "DeepRoot Engage" newsletter - Issue #1

We hope that this newsletter finds you in the best of spirits! We plan to use this newsletter to keep you updated about our recent work and latest offerings.

Recent Developments

We have been revamping and revitalizing our offerings over the past 6 months. While we have always known that we need to be so much better at transparency, writing and communication, we really swung into action last November. We have learnt and built a lot over the past 5 years (at least), but we have failed to share it. In a way, this newsletter is a way to fix that.
  • In December, we restructured our website . Instead of heaving a very dense heirarchy of pages, we opted for few pages which could explain our offerings clearly.

  • Towards the end of December, Abhas gave a talk at the Swatantra 2017 conference at Trivandrum. He talked about: Eliminating "Black Boxes" from your life: Using Free Software, Free Hardware and Self-Hosting. He discussed how we could take greater control of our lives and live with more technological freedom and why making these choices is important. He has also posted a behind-the-scenes account of the conference .

  • Over the past few years, we have been rapidly adopting new ways of deploying and managing servers of all sizes. We have now integrated tools like Docker and Ansible as critical and integral parts of our workflows. As a next major milestone, the upcoming release of deepOfix will have containers as the foundation.

  • It has always been our belief that Free Software and GNU/Linux should be an integral part of curriculum at colleges. We have assembled a comprehensive boquet of solutions and services for educational institutions.

    In the same context, Abhas gave a talk on " Building useful infrastructure in educational institutions using Free Software & Self Hosting" at the CSI TechNext 2018 conference. The goal was to explain why educational institutions should build their infrastructure using Free Software and how they can do it. He also addressed the students at NIT Durgapur to encourage them towards becoming hackers and devoting more time and effort towards learning by doing .

Some Reminders
  1. SSL Everywhere : Are you using SSL encryption for all your network services and websites? LetsEncrypt makes it trivial to use SSL certificates everywhere and for any purpose. Its free-of-charge, reliable and safe. Please ask us about how we could help you implement SSL for your website and servers.

  2. Choose Self Hosting : When you use hosted services for your organisation, please consider a self-hosted and Free Software-based alternative as well. Even in cases where the hosted service (like group chat or file sharing) might be free-of-charge, it has many indirect and hidden costs (loss of privacy, lack of control, security / compliance issues, encryption, tracking and so on). We would be glad to help you make a better choice with greater awareness.

Customer Quote of the Month
At Antares, we believe in customer centric solutions aided by timely communication. Working with DeepRoot has been a game-changer for our customer support and Helpdesk functions. The DeepRoot team has adequately addressed our bulk mailing requirements and has devised a time-tested solution to handle our communication alert system adequately.

Their responsiveness and attention to all our dynamic challenges is quite appreciable. We value their efforts that has streamlined our customer support operations.
Manohar MN, AVP Business Development, Antares Systems


Self-hosted, Private Mail Servers

Deploy mail servers powered by Free / Open Source Software – in your own network or data center. Or on the Cloud. And with complete privacy and freedom.
Clustered and Scalable Mail Servers

Clustered mail servers to handle larger organisations, higher loads and to offer reliability and high availability.


Support for Free Software

Technical support and implementation services for Debian GNU/Linux, OpenLDAP, Docker, Nextcloud, OpenVPN, pfSense, djbdns and a variety of web applications.
Custom Solutions

Clustering solutions, Private cloud solutions, Automation and Infrastructure Managemement solutions and solutions for Software Development and Collaboration.